Monday, January 19, 2009

Over Due

I know it's been forever. We had a great holiday season and were very busy. It started with Thanksgiving which was a very nice and relaxing day. Then we move into December and this always seems to be a crazy month. We had Hannah's birthday and of course no pictures I fully intended but I go to turn the camera on and it wasn't charged. She had a great time. Then we had Christmas and that was a lot of fun. The girls had a blast and Santa came through as they wished. Santa is such an awesome dude!! After Christmas Hannah was baptized on January 3rd, again the slacker mom that I am forgot to take pictures. This time I even had the camera charged and ready to go. That was a very special day for our family. We had a lot of family and friends there to support her and thank to all of you who had to travel here for it. It really meant a lot to us. I will get pictures of her in her dress and we will pretend it was the same day. No one will know the difference right? Well now that the holidays are over we are back in the daily grind of things, school, preschool, work and all that fun jazz. We are all doing well and hope the same for all of you.

Until next time good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night!